About Saltillo, Coahuila

Saltillo is the state capital of Coahuila de Zaragoza, founded 435 years ago by two inheritances of Spanish and Tlaxcaltecans, located in the north part of the country and in the state’s south side.

Saltillo is filled with history and traditions, considered the land of the sarape and place of the pulque bread.

Nowadays Saltillo has a great road infrastructure improving the access to the city. Thanks to the fast growing of the car industry, Saltillo has become one of the most attractive cities for foreign investment.

The city of Saltillo has been recognized for its many cultural and educational activities, so locals and visitors can enjoy the cycle way, participate in the recreational route and enjoy the parks and several tourist attractions that Saltillo offers.

Various architectural zones can be found in the center of the city like the Santiago Cathedral, The Governor's Palace, with the famous murals of Almaraz and Tarazona, the Plaza de Armas, where one can appreciate the unique facades of the Coahuilense Institute of Culture, the Saltillo Casino, the Precinct of Juarez and the Purcell House.

Next we present a list of some of the most relevant cultural sceneries in the city, such as the Museo del Desierto and the Museo de las Aves, along with some places of interest you can visit while staying in Garden Express Hotel since they’re a few minutes away from our facilities.


  • Museo del Desierto
  • Museo de las Aves de Mexico
  • Museo de la Batalla de la Angostura
  • Museo Ruben Herrera
  • Museo de la Katrina
  • Museo del Sarape
  • Museo del Normalismo
  • Museo del Giroscopio
  • Museo de los Presidentes Coahuilenses
  • Museo de Arte Sacro Catedral
  • Museo de la Cultura Taurina